Voisola ships worldwide through TNT (Italy) FEDEX (world wild) couriers. Your order made on is processed by VOISOLA SRLS. Orders will be shipped within 2 working days from purchase. Orders made during weekends will be processed from the following Monday.

It’s important, while purchasing, to give a correct email address and phone number. Couriers will contact the customer via email if delivery won’t be possible due to unavailability of the customer. A second delivery will be planned together with  couriers for free. If TNT (Italy) FEDEX (world wild) couriers won’t receive any answer after their email, there won’t be a second delivery attempt, and the package will go back to the sender 10 days later; the storage costs of those days will be charged to the customer.

TNT (Italy) FEDEX (world wild) couriers not always contacts people by phone call, this is why it’s very important to insert a correct email address. It is not possible to change street address for delivery or the order content after the payment.Delivery time is Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.

Shipping to Italy: delivery in 24-36 hours (outside of holidays and weekends).

Shipping cost 8€ (it’s possible to pay at delivery with an additional 6€ surcharge)

Shipping to Europe: 14.90 – 24.90€

Shipping outside Europe: 24,90 – 34,90€

VOISOLA online store gives you the opportunity to change items purchased online, within 12 working days from the order placement date and shipping costs will be paid by the customer. Items must be in perfect shape as you find them at delivery. Customers must provide the shipping documents as an evidence of purchase.

Shipping address is: VOISOLA SRLS – Deposito Speziale – Via Clemente Prudenzio 14 20138 Milano(Italy)

It’s also required to attach a document in which customers describe:

-All details about the new item that will replace the previous one

-Reason of items’ replacement

-Customer’s street address for shipment

In case of reimbursement, it’s necessary to deliver the package back to sender within 12 days from the date of arrival, with shipment cost charged to the customer, to the following address: VOISOLA SRLS –  Deposito Speziale – Via Clemente Prudenzio 14 20138 Milano (Italy) 

It’s also required to attach a document in which customers describe:

-Intention to proceed with restitution of the items

-Reimbursement request

-Shipping documents as an evidence of purchase

-Customer phone number and email address.

Voisola reserves the right to reject items returned that are not in perfect condition or items sent back later than 12 days.

The reimbursement right can be satisfied if following conditions apply:

-Items must not have been used, worn, washed or damaged

-Items must keep their original tag

-Items must be kept inside their original package

– Items must keep all their original accessories.

If all aforementioned conditions are satisfied, customers will get the full reimbursement.

Customers will be contacted if reimbursement can’t proceed due to lack of any of aforementioned conditions. If reimbursement doesn’t apply, customers can ask for the original order to be shipped back to their address, the shipping cost will be charged to the customer. If customers don’t want the original order back, we will keep the items and no reimbursement will apply.
Once all conditions apply, customers will receive an email with the reimbursement confirmation. Reimbursement will take place in a short time.

If a discount was applied to the original order, the reimbursement will be calculated based on that discount.
The reimbursement policy does not interfere with customers’ legal rights.